Way of Honor


Flags represent the unity of people and express the spirit of liberty and peace.


An instructor is anyone you learn from regardless of who they are or where they come from.


SUN is copyrighted by Master Kang Rhee. 

What is SUN?

SUN is a unique expression used by martial artists to show mutual respect.

It is to be express vocally by saying "SUN" with a proud attitude.

"SUN" Originally came from





These four oriental characters have a philisopical meaning: Through proper martial arts training, a person may perfect his or her daily life and contribute to society.

Chung - I am an expression of Self-Respect.  I will improve myself through self reform or self refinement.

Doe - I am an expression of Self-Discipline.  I will develop a strong mind and body to overcome discouragements.

Sun - I am an expression of Ambition.  I will accomplish my honorable goals to the best of my ability.

Hang - I am an expression of Appreciation.  I will accept my responsibilities without complaint of discontentment in order to achieve happiness and success.


SUN is copyrighted by Master Kang Rhee